Bamboo Charcoal Eco Floss

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TreeBird's Charcoal Floss is a biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic floss. Our Charcoal Floss provides a deeper, more durable clean than our silk version and is made from 100% vegan ingredients, such as activated charcoal and bamboo. TreeBird's Charcoal Floss comes in pretty and reusable glass containers that can store future TreeBird floss refills. Smile, you're making a better choice!

No artificial colors or fragrances
Plant-based Candelilla wax coating
Includes a refillable glass dispenser
33 yards long (will last 2 months when flossing daily, using approximately 18" per day)

Bamboo fiber
Activated charcoal
Biodegradable polyester (ca 19%)
Natural Candelilla wax
Mint essential oil (for flavor)